Eye Treatments

Eyebrows are shaped and customised to your liking.

For first time clients requiring a shape and or consultation or just your regular maintenance.

Please allow up to 20 minutes.

Tint your eyebrows in a shade blended to enhance your colouring creating a fuller enhanced brow. Suitable for blondes, redheads, grey hair, or for the dark and dramatic. Lasting colour for 2 – 3 weeks.

Tint your lashes with a colour blended to enhance your colouring creating a fuller look and enhancing the eye. Suitable for blonde, redheads and grey (soft and natural). Or be bold dark and dramatic with colour that lasts 3 – 4 weeks.

Eye lashes are curled upwards using a perming process, leaving lashes with an upwards curl opening up the eye giving it a bright youthful appearance. 

Please allow 30 minutes.

The eyes have it all. This treatment leaves brows looking sculpted and frames the eye perfectly. Lashes are tinted leaving eyes looking dark and dramatic. With with the added value of a lash perm. You now have lush dark lashes that have a gentle upwards gradient opening up the eye for a bright youthful look.

Please allow 45 minutes.

Individual synthetic lashes are adhered to each individual lash in a style of your choice. A four week infill is required to maintain the look.

Please allow 120 minutes.

4 weekly maintenance. 

Please allow 60 minutes.

Eyelashes for those special occasions.

Prices and services subject to change without prior notice.

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